Little River Reservoir Runners

A running club for everyoneThe Little River Reservoir Runners

We are excited to launch our brand new monthly run at the Rez (Little River Reservoir) starting at 6.30pm from the playground at the park entrance. The aim of this run is to introduce new people to the sport / activity of running with help and encouragement from experienced runners.

This is a running club for everybody. And we mean everybody. Yes, you, too.

No pressure to run a certain pace, walk if you prefer, break into a trot, jog or sprint but most importantly, come and join us.

Q: When will the runs take place?                                                                                A: For 2018 we will host these one per month, June through to October on Monday evenings – all runs will start at 6.30pm

1st Run – 04 June

2nd Run – 02 July

3rd Run – 06 August

4th Run – 03 September

5th Run – 01 October

Q: What if I am a slow runner?                                                                                     A: Then you will fit right in! Speed is not important to us. We are looking for people who want to be part of a fun community of people. It just so happens we go running occasionally. But we don’t make it a point to go fast on group runs. We want everybody to feel welcome! And you know what? Something magical happens when you commit yourself to running with others.

Q: What does it cost to join?                                                                                           A: NOTHING!

Q: Are there any fees or charges?                                                                                 A: No. We may have a jar on the table for you to donate a dollar or 2 each week which will be pooled and will be used at the last event of the year to buy some goodies to celebrate your success but this is NOT a requirement

Q: Who this run is for?                                                                                                     A: Everyone – Young people, Old people, slow runners, new runners, black, white, green people from another planet, male, female, large and small, we don’t mind – we just want to get you off your couch and enjoy a run with us.

Q: Can I come on my own?                                                                                             A: Absolutely, we will make you welcome and you can run on your own or team up with one of the other runners to enjoy the Rez.

Q: I am slow – will I hold everyone up.                                                                        A: Nope, run at your own pace, no pressure, no judgement – only encouragement.

Q: I already run regularly, can I still come along.                                                      A: Most definitely, the more the merrier and hopefully you will help, encourage and motivate our new runners.

Q: Is there Insurance for this series.                                                                             A: We partner with RunNB for all our running events and a fee will be paid to RunNB for every participant for Insurance purposes.