Apele – Ladies Underwear

We are thrilled to welcome Apele to our fold of sponsors. This is a wonderful ladies underwear product perfectly suited to our Hampton Ladies Triathlon.

Tomi and I started Apele because we want to help girls and women feel more confident in their daily lives. We grew up in a society where bodily changes were not discussed, so we created a company where we can share positive image information and solutions to empower girls and women. We know most anxiety is created during times of change because of the unknown!  There are 7 female stages that we have to transition into and we believe we have an effective solution for each stage as your body evolves. Our goal is to prepare you physically, emotionally and mentally for those inevitable changes. You will be prepared with Apele and our underwear will make you feel attractive, desireable and unstoppable.

Check out their website – Apele.com

Our daily underwear is designed with a built in pantyliner which serves to protect you from unpredictable leaks. We designed it for young girls who are waiting for their first period and women, who have untimely periods, spotting, discharge, urinary incontinence and sweat. Our intention is to reduce anxiety levels about the “when”, “where”,“how” and “what do I need?”  By wearing our underwear, you are prepared for the unexpected. Our underwear is not just for that time of the month, it is designed for all mishaps. Never leave home without it and this is easy as our undies are rolled into a cocoon size bag for stow-away in your car or bag.