Travel & Sports Insurance

When you make your travel reservation with us (Vision 2000 Travel) to a sporting event and purchase our Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance with Manulife Insurance you will be insured if you cannot take part in the sporting event as long as the injury or reason for cancellation is not a pre-existing injury/condition. For example, you have hurt your leg through overtraining and can no longer compete. Chances are that the cause would be a pre-existing condition and would not be covered. But if you slipped on the ice and cracked your knee cap and could not run, then you would be 100% covered!

Very simply, if you are booking a trip to an Ironman or Marathon race today, we would include the race registration fee as part of the sum insured, along with the flight, hotel and any other travel related products and if you had to cancel your trip for one of the covered events on in the Manulife Policy, then you would be able to make a claim.


In the event of a chronic injury, our policy also includes a Cancel for Any Reason benefit, if you cancelled 14 days out, you would at least get 50% of your sum insured back provided that the policy was purchased within 48 hours of booking the trip.

This policy can only be issued when you book your entire travel package with us and purchase our Manulife policy for either an All-inclusive policy or the Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance policy. Please ask for full details of the policy term & conditions of coverage so that you are familiar with them before you purchase your policy.

Please e-mail for more information or to make a reservation or call 506 214 1085

Please do not travel without Travel Insurance. We hear form so many people who say they do not Insurance because they don’t need it and then they end up asking us for a policy to be issued after an emergency and it simply cannot be issued. This can cost thousands of dollars as well as the stress associated with loosing significant amounts of money, please purchase Insurance when you book your vacation.