Hampton Cycle Clothing

We are thrilled to offer our brand new Hampton Ladies Triathlon Cycle clothing using Champion System – we have used this company before for our own cycling gear and can vouch for the quality of their products.

All orders and payment should be received by 15 June 2019 when I will place the final order. Please E-transfer the funds to garth39@fastmail.fm as we cannot accept credit card.

Pricing is as follows and the key to purchasing the clothing successfully is to follow the sizing chart accurately as we will be unable to refund for clothing that does not fit. Below I have devised a guide for you to make the ordering process easy, but first the pricing.

  • Tech Pro Cycling Jersey – $74.00
  • Cycling Wind Jacket – $84.00
  • Tech Pro Summer Sleeveless Jersey – $74.00
  • Tech Pro Summer Long Sleeve – $79.00
  • Tech Cycling Shorts – $79.00
  • Tech Bib Shorts – $89.00
  • Training Top Short Sleeve – $47.00
  • Apex Women Specific Tri Suit- $239.00
  • all prices plus tax
  1. Clothing is available for both Men & Women.
  2. The cycle clothing is available to everyone, even if you have not raced with us.
  3. Use the Size Guide below to correctly calculate your sizing.
  4. As a guide both Helena and I (Garth) have medium cycle jerseys and shorts although Helena likes the large jersey if she wants to wear a t-shirt below it for extra warmth.
  5. Helena prefers cycle shorts and I prefer the bib shorts – we can order either for you.
  6. Please click here for a detailed Size Guide – the first 6 pages illustrate how to measure yourself correctly – Complete_Size_Guide_2018_7e65e969-0034-433e-9c1d-6a1fdaa61842
  7. Our advice is this – if you are in doubt to err on the side of caution and order the larger size – *Tip:   If someone is in the upper measurements of a range and prefers a looser fit, then we suggest going up a size.
  8. Also check our their website sizing guide – Champion System Sizing Guide
  9. We will be ordering the Tech clothing in the Club Cut.

In the proofs below please look at the bottom left image for the women’s cut of the jersey.

We will be ordering the Tech Bib Shorts – the one featured above – bottom left.

Ladies Sizing Guide
Mens Sizing Guide