Fresh Start 21k in 2021 Results

Thank you to everyone for joining us in our Fresh Start to 2021. I will post and update this page each day as results start to come in. Its great to see people running the 21k in one go but its not essential. You can run 1k, 21 times as long as you complete the challenge by 21 Jan.

All results are based on an honor system and are listed here for fun purposes only.

Results21k completed

Grant Kelly – 1hr 48min 10sec

Sharon Turnell – 1hr 52min 15sec completed in 2 10.5k runs

Katie Sullivan – 1hr 54min 45sec

Sarah Peel – 1hr 55min 15sec

Zach Boulanger – 1hr 59min 07sec

Glenn Millican – 1hr 59min 17sec completed in 2 runs

Chrystal Mitton – 2hrs 01min 44sec completed in 3 x 7k runs

Bill McDonald – 2hrs 01min 44sec completed in 3 x 7k runs

Bob Manning – 2hr 06min 21sec

Matthew McNeill – 2hrs 11min 04sec for 22.9k

Rene Muller – 2hrs 20min 06 sec

Doug Barrett – 2hrs 20min 31sec

Shelley Wood – 2hrs 22min

Valerie Wilkinson – 2hrs 22

Silvia Antuna – 2hrs 22min 50sec

Terry Burt – 2hr 27min 21sec

Barbara DesRoches – 2hr 30min

Sandra Doucet – 21k in 2hrs 33min running 3k, 7 times.

Michelle Fullarton – 2hrs 42min – 7 runs of 3k

Diane Boswell – 21.08k completed – no time provided

Rhonda Power – 21k in 2 runs in a time of 2hrs 31min 58sec

Samantha MacAlpine – 2hrs 42min

Mix & Match Results

Stephanie McIntosh Lawrence completed a 12k run and a 9k hike for a combined time of 3hrs 34min 04sec


David Power – 45min 05sec & 5k in 30min 20sec

Laura McNutt – 48min 36sec

Nancy Steele – 1hr 10min 41sec

Susan Benson – 4.26k so far in 59min 23sec

Susan Mayes – 3 runs in week 1 for a total of 7k