Rockwood Triathlon Relays

2018 Rockwood Triathlon Relays Race Registration Page

We had a wonderful morning of racing on Saturday at Rockwood Park for our 2nd Relay Triathlon and below are some of the photos of the race. Thank you to everyone for supporting this race whether it be racing, volunteering, sponsoring or officiating. I believe that we can safely double the number of teams in 2018 on the same closed bike course. Enjoy the photos.

Race Results – Race 1

Race Results – Race 2

We have partnered with Xterra Wetsuits for 2018. We have been wearing their wetsuits and using their accessories for many years and love the amazing value of their top quality wetsuits, perfect for new Triathletes dipping their toes into open water swimming. We have a 60% discount code that we can offer to our athletes so if you are in the market for a wetsuit please contact us. We have also visited their showroom in San Diego and have seen firsthand their operation and have a good working relationship with their staff.

We have made some final updates to the Athlete Guide mainly regarding parking, please read as this refers to access to Rockwood Park on Saturday morning – relevant section is highlighted in yellow. Draft 2 – Athlete Guide Rockwood Relays

Registration for the 2017 Rockwood Relays please click here

Welcome to the Rockwood Relays an exciting new style of Team Triathlon over a short course in Rockwood Park, Saint John, ready made for fast and exciting racing. This is a fun style of racing and great for inter club competitions where Tri Clubs can compete against each other for bragging rights. As with all our events we want to be as inclusive as possible so even if this your first season of Triathlon you and 2 friends can still have a great experience over the 2 events.

This is a great format of racing for new and experienced Triathletes alike and our Race 1 format will be featuring in the 2020 Olympic Triathlon race.

PLEASE NOTE – this is a team event so 3 people are required per team. You can register as an individual and e-mail your team members and team name.

Race day will comprise 2 separate events which are explained below:

Swim – 400m in Fisher Lakes

Bike Route – 3 out and back loops on a closed course in Rockwood Park for a total bike distance of 8.1k – click here for Bike course

Run – 1k out and back covered twice for a total of 2k – click here for Run course

Race 1 – 9.00am start

Teams of 3 people will compete over a course of 400m swim, 8k bike and 2k run. Each person will complete their swim, bike and run before handing off to their next team member until all 3 people have completed the course. Fastest team wins. Race is consecutive and is timed from when the first team member starts swimming until the third team member finishes running. This is a non-drafting event.

Race 2 – 11.00am start – or on completeion of Race 1 with a short recovery break

In your team of 3, all 3 people will swim together as a threesome and then ride together on the bike course and then complete the race by running together as a team. Your time finisihes when your last team member crosses the finish line. In order to reduce the number of bikes on the course at any one time we will operate a staggered start so that only 1 team at a time will be on the bike course. This is a drafting event but only in your respective teams.

Important Race Info:

Due to the nature of this route we strongly recommend Road bikes rather than Tri or TT bikes.

Teams can be same sex or mixed sex. Please just register as individuals and then e-mail me the names and your team name and I will create your Relay Team for race day.

Pricing covers both races and we cannot split pricing down to cover 1 event only. Price is $49.00 per person to cover both events and all 3 people must complete both races. No discount for just completing 1 race.

Our thanks to Paul Gautier of Aberdeen Subaru Motors in Saint John for the photos below.