Boston Marathon 2019 Recap

Fundy Sports & Tourism presents the 123rd Boston Marathon – Monday 15 April 2019 & BAA 5k.

We had an amazing group of runners, friends and family with us for our 11th Boston Marathon Bus Tour comprising 24 marathoners, 5k runners and spectators. As usual we have a great mix of experienced runners plus first time Boston runners and in the build up to race day we all swap stories and experiences in preparation for the big day.

Monday dawned dull, overcasts and with torrential rain and lightning on the drive to Hopkinton but as we approached start times the rain started to clear away and the temperature rose. Everyone on our bus is able to sit back and relax on the comfortable seating on the coach and relax in the dry and warmth until its time to go to the start line and avoid the muddy, wet Athletes Village.

By the time runners started to finish the sun had come out and we were suffering from sunburn before the rain returned late afternoon. Heat and humidity also became a factor and the takeaway from Boston is to be prepared for any and all weather conditions.

2019 Athlete Comments

What a great trip and first Boston Marathon experience. I’ll highly recommend Fundy Sports & Tourism for any future Boston Qualifiers!

Let me take this opportunity to thank you both for such a delightful trip. Again, you didn’t miss a beat on anything.

A great big thank you to Garth and Helena for shepherding our group through Boston Marathon 2019 weekend! You guys made it special!

I was lucky to be part of a great bus tour that was organized by Fundy Sports & Tourism. They got us right to the area where the busses bring you to the start line and we were able to sit in a dry warm bus until we had to go to the starting corals. Made for a stress free morning.

Thank you so much for an incredible experience!! You both are so amazing and I am convinced there is simply no other way to experience the Boston Marathon that could compare!

We met great people as always and never had a care in the world while traveling with you both!  Thanks again!

Thank you both for a fabulous time. We were well looked after. Much appreciated.