Bloomfield Time Trials

Our 20k Time Trials are back for 2020 with a short series of 3 events limited to a max of 40 riders per event. Next Time Trial is on Thursday 10 September with first rider off at 6.00pm.

Please take a few moments to review our Operational Plan for the TT’s – TT Operational Plan.

Registration is a 2 step process:

1) Register online through Webscorer – please click on this link

2) E-transfer your $12.00 to

Here are the bullet points for a successful evening of racing.

  1. No cash payments or on the night registration.
  2. Please register for the TT through this link on Webscorer.
  3. E-transfer race fee of to:
  4. If you have any signs of illness – please do not show up.
  5. You will be temperature tested on arrival, please respect the 2m markers on the ground.
  6. Always practice social distancing.
  7. Always wear a mask except when racing.
  8. Keep your mask on until 30sec before your race start.
  9. Respect Physical Distancing with the race crew.
  10. Do not gather as a group before or after your ride.
  11. No spitting or snot rockets at any time.
  12. Spectators must wear masks.
  13. No High 5’s, hugs or handshakes

Race Director and event staff will be situated in a central location between the Start Line and Finish Line. This area will be marked off by pylons and athletes will not be allowed to enter this zone unless otherwise indicated.

Start Line will be clearly marked on the ground. 6ft markers will be painted on the ground to indicate the physical distancing while riders wait to start. Only 3 riders will be allowed into this area at any one time while waiting to start. Other riders must circulate around the start line area maintaining social distancing.

Riders will be called into the start line in order of starting. Where possible we will start the fastest riders first to limit overtaking on the course.

Once you have finished your TT please do not gather in a group in the finish line area.

Results will be posted on Facebook pages and online within 24hrs of the race.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Race Results – 20k Time Trial – Thursday 20 August 2020 – Please click here

Race Results – 20k Time Trial – Thursday 06 August 2020 – Please click here


Time Trial Course detailsClick here for detailed route info                            Our course uses the 2 dead turns on Fraser Road and Centennial Road just outside Hampton with the start line being on the Fraser Road end. Here is a link to the exact course we will be using.

2020 pricing for the TT’s will be $12.00 per person. VeloNB Membership is $35.00 for the year  – link for VeloNB membership is here.


20k Time Trial – Wednesday 18 Sept

Another fun night at our last 20k TT of the year on a cool but bright & sunny evening. The wind switched direction with a head wind out and tail wind home leading to fast times. Shaughn Smith broke 30 mins for the win with a 29min 21sec ride followed by Glenn Trites in 31min 29 sec. Lisanne Maurice won the ladies event in 35min 55sec closely followed by Jocelyn Leblanc in 36min 15sec with Leila Cartier coming in as 3rd lady in 36min 20sec.

Also great to see new riders coming out again, so kudos to Benjamin Kim and Emilie Chloe for riding their first TT.

20k TT Results – Wed 18 Sept

A gorgeous evening greeted 20 riders for our August 20k TT, low wind and hot temps made for fast times and a fun evening. Awesome to see a great variety of riders out again and kudos to Neil Groenveld for driving all the way from Wolfville, NS, to ride with us. Erin Toole takes the honors for the ladies, closely followed by Morgan Haslett and Christina Barrett. 3 men went under the 30 minute barrier, Andrew Buzzell lead the way in 27min 18sec, followed by Shaugn Smith and Noel Groenveld in 3rd place. Thanks to everyone who turned up to ride with us.

Results for Wednesday 14 August 2019

  • Andrew Buzzell – 27min 18sec
  • Shaugn Smith – 28min 29sec
  • Noel Groenveld – 29min 26sec
  • Ivan Goguen – 32min 13sec
  • Jamie Gibson – 32min 20sec
  • Noah Doucette – 32min 59sec
  • Shawn Mills – 33min 05sec
  • Jodi Millet – 33min 17sec
  • Joel McElhinney – 34min 14sec
  • Dave Smith – 34min 17sec
  • John Crawford – 34min 18sec
  • Doug Barrett – 36min 04sec
  • Andrew Cooke – 38min 48sec
  • Erin Toole – 39min 24sec – 1st place female
  • Morgan Haslett – 39min 59sec – 2nd place female
  • Brian Gillis – 39min 59sec
  • Blaine Warmer – 40min 12sec
  • Christina Barrett – 41min 54sec – 3rd place female
  • Lucy Wolfe – 41min 57sec
  • Laurie Adams – 45min 09sec


Thursday 18 July 20k & 40k Time Trial

Race Results 20k & 40k

Almost a perfect evening for our 20k & 40k TT last night, warm, bright and only a gentle breeze. 20 riders in the 20k with Joseph Chamberlain taking the win in 26min 49sec closely followed by Andrew Buzzell in 28min 09sec. Miriam Verschoor won for the ladies in a very swift 26min 36sec followed by Jocelyn Leblanc in 37min 14sec.

For the 40k Michael Roy blew round 2 laps in 59min 09sec winning by nearly 4 minutes from David Knott.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and racing and especially to Samuel Bosse who came all the way from Edmunston to race. Thanks to Daryl Steeves for the results.

This Thursday sees our premier Time Trial of the season with both a 20k and a 40k TT over our Bloomfield route. The 40k athletes will complete 2 loops of our route. Please register prior to 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start and all 40k riders will start before the 20k.


20k Ladies Time Trial Results – Thursday 05 July.                                             Well it was a gorgeous night for our 1st Ladies night and it was great to see a few familiar faces and several new ladies turning up to ride. Here is a link to the results courtesy of Daryl Steeves.Thanks to everyone who rode with us and our next TT is Thursday 18 July when there is a choice of 20k or 40k.

Here is a selection of photos from Christine Murray from our 20k Time Trial on Wed June 19, a beautiful evening. Again our thanks to Christine and enjoy the photos. Next TT is Thurs July 18 with 20k and 40k distances

Results from Wednesday 19 June

  • Andrew Buzzell – 27min 07sec
  • Chris Watson – 30min 50sec
  • David Knott – 30min 56sec
  • Glenn Trites – 31min 51sec
  • Mike Rogers – 32min 10sec
  • Jamie Gibson – 32min 58sec
  • Ivan Goguen – 32min 59ec
  • Emma Booker – 33min 47sec – 1st Female
  • John Crawford – 33min 53sec
  • Alex Quinn – 33min 55sec
  • Joel McElhinney – 35min 26sec
  • Sue Watson – 36min 40sec – 2nd Female
  • Riley Adams – 36min 55sec
  • Leila Cartier – 37min 12sec
  • Bill Wood – 37min 17sec
  • Kevin Scott – 37min 44sec
  • Claudine Abcarius – 38min 15sec
  • Conor Murray – 39min 31sec
  • Lucy Wolf – 40min 41sec
  • Moran Haslett – 41min 22sec
  • Michelle Brenton – 41min 30sec
  • Laurie Adams – 49min 00sec

2019 – Wednesday 23 May

A cold, windy evening, the coolest since we have started the Time Trial series saw 23 tough riders out for our first race of the season. Andrew Buzzell picked up right were he left of with a 27min 30sec ride followed closely by newcomer Joseph Chamberlain in 27min 48sec. Sarah Gilbert put in a storming ride to finish as first lady and 5th overall, followed 1 minute later by Emma Booker. Really great riding in such tough conditions and fantastic to see so many new riders out again at the start of the year. Thanks to everyone who rode with us. Next TT is Wed 19 June

  • 1. Andrew Buzzell – 27min 30sec
  • 2. Joseph Chamberlain – 27min 48sec
  • 3. Sam Garber – 29min 27sec
  • 4. Shaughn Smith – 30min 12sec
  • 5. Sarah Gilbert – 32min 42sec
  • 6. Zach Boulanger – 33min 04sec
  • 7. Emma Booker – 33min 46sec
  • 8. Ivan Goguen – 33min 49sec
  • 9. Samuel Rioux – 34min 57sec
  • 10. Jodi Millet – 35min 45sec
  • 11. Bertrand Poirier – 35min 58sec
  • 12. Shawn Mills – 36min 20sec
  • 13. Amanda Lee – 36min 31sec
  • 14. Pascal Leblanc – 37min 00sec
  • 15. Jocelyn Leblanc – 37min 17sec
  • 16, Etienne Poirier – 37min 57sec
  • 17. Leila Cartier – 38min 15sec
  • 18. John Crawford – 38min 53sec
  • 19. Claudine Abcarius – 41min 04sec
  • 20. David Smith – 42min 27sec
  • 21. Lucy Wolfe – 42min 40sec
  • 22. Michelle Brenton – 44min 16sec
  • 23. – Lee – DNF

Wednesday 12 September – 20k Bloomfield TT – Near perfect conditions for last nights final TT of the year. Little wind, not too humid and fantastic to see new riders coming down from CFB Gagetown and Moncton. Full results can be found here and thank you to everyone who raced with us this year and see you all next season. Also our thanks to Daryl & Ellen Steeves for all their help with race timing.

Wednesday 12 September Race Results

Check out some photos courtesy of Emma Booker and Jackie Booker

Wednesday 29 August – 6.5k Hill Climb Time Trial – another spectacular evening for our Time Trials greeted 11 riders for our 2nd Hill Climb and the times were impressive with Shaughn Smith posting a very rapid 12min 06sec for the race. Fantastic to see riders from Fredericton racing with us and Martin Larosse finished up in 2nd spot with a very fast 13min 23sec followed by Judson VanDine in 13min 33sec. Cynthis LeBlanc rode an excellent 19min 29sec as part of her preparations for Cyclocross season. Thanks to everyone who raced with us.

Hill Climb Results

A gorgeous summer evening for our 3rd TT of the season brought out 35 fabulous riders for a 20k race against the clock. Please see the full list of results

Wednesday 18 July 20k TT Results

Wednesday 20 June turned into one of our windiest nights ever but not enough to deter 32 riders who posted some scary fast times in both our 20k and 40k TT’s. 2 riders smashed the hour in the 40k, with Michael Roy on his new black steed leading the way in 57min 58sec followed by Chandler Scott in 58min 29sec. In the 20k Shaugn Smith won the race in 29min 15sec and Emma Booker won for the ladies in 33min 08sec. Thanks to everyone who got their own PR or who supported the race. See you in July.

40k TT Results

  1. Michael Roy – 57min 58sec
  2. Chandler Scott – 58min 29sec
  3. Neil Groeneveld – 1hr 02min 36sec
  4. William Lane – 1hr 04min 35sec
  5. Stephen Morris – 1hr 08min 25sec
  6. Ivan Goguen – 1hr 08min 50sec
  7. Jamie Gibson – 1hr 11min 01sec
  8. Doug Barrett – 1hr 18min 42sec

20k TT Results

  1. Shaughn Smith – 29min 15sec
  2. Zach Boulanger – 31min 42sec
  3. Emma Booker – 33min 08sec – 1st place Female
  4. Mike Rogers – 33min 32sec
  5. Jodi Millet – 33min 35sec
  6. Jocelyn LeBlanc – 35min 45sec – 2nd place Female
  7. Shawn Mills – 36min 03sec
  8. Beth Seamans – 36min 25sec – 3rd place Female
  9. David – 36min 29sec
  10. Martin Salkey – 37min 01sec
  11. Claudine Abcarius – 38min 38sec
  12. Hayley Green – 38min 49sec
  13. Greg McBean – 39min 30 sec – Recumbent
  14. Leila Cartier – 39min 32sec
  15. Brian Gillis – 40min 25sec
  16. Nikki Scott – 40min 39sec
  17. Gary Crowley – 40min 40sec
  18. Blaine Warmer – 41min 43sec
  19. Sarah Blanchard – 41min 55sec
  20. Lucy Wolfe – 43min 34sec
  21. Andrew Cooke – 43min 43sec
  22. Christina Alward – 44min 19sec
  23. Joel McElhinney – 45min 41sec – Puncture
  24. Laurie Adams – 48min 57sec


Results for May 30 – 20k TT – please click here

Below are provisional dates for our 2018 Time Trial Series. Our course uses the 2 dead turns on Fraser Road and Centennial Road just outside Hampton with the start line being on the Fraser Road end. Here is a link to the exact course we will be using.
Course details- Click here for detailed route info

  • TT 1 – Wednesday 23 May – 20k
  • TT 2– Wednesday 20 June -20k & 40k
  • TT 3 – Wednesday 18 July – 20k
  • TT 4 – Wednesday 15 August – 20k
  • TT 5 – Wednesday 29 August – 7k Hill Climb
  • TT 6 – Wednesday 12 September – 20k


A beautiful September evening for our final 20k TT of the season welcomed a small but fast group of riders. Many thanks to everyone who has supported this TT series over the last 3 years and we hope to see you back in the Spring.

Thursday 14 Sept – 20K TT Results

  1. Steve Morris – 29min 18sec
  2. Glenn Trites – 30min 16sec
  3. Earle Burrows – 30min 45sec
  4. Gina Spear Burrows – 31min 26sec – 1st Female
  5. James Gibson – 33min 15sec
  6. Bill Wood – 34min 26sec
  7. Mike Rogers – 34min 33sec
  8. Sheila Cameron – 35min 37sec
  9. Doug Barrett – 36min 06sec
  10. Brian Richardson – 37min 37sec
  11. Joel McElhinney – 37min 44sec
  12. Jeff Monroe – 38min 42sec
  13. Heather Redding – 40min 30sec
  14. Laurie Adams – 47min 12sec

Hill Climb TT – We had a cool and wind free evening for our first Hill Climb TT and a great turnout of 15 riders came out to test themselves on the hill. Continuing his great form Chandler Scott won in a time of 11min 21sec for the 6.5k ride closely followed by Troy Allaby in 11min 43sec and newcomer to our TT’s Chris McNamara in 12min 05sec. For the ladies Iva Smrz won in 17min 03sec followed by Nicky Scott finding her cycling legs after a short break in Europe. Final 20k TT of the season is Thursday 14 Sept. Thanks to Daryl & Ellen Steeves for all their help with the TT’s

Wednesday 30 Aug Hill Climb TT –  Results

2017 Provincial 20k Time Trial Championship Results – Wed 16 Aug 2017

Results for Wednesday 19 July.

40k Time Trial

  1. Troy Allaby                 – 59min 46sec
  2. Mike Turnbull            – 1hr 00min 38sec
  3. Gina Spear Burrows – 1hr 05min 04sec – 1st place female
  4. Ivan Goguen               – 1hr 05min 05sec
  5. Shaughan Smith        – 1hr 06min 15sec

20k Time Trial

  1. Chandler Scott            – 27min 28sec
  2. Steve Morris                – 29min 09sec
  3. Aiden Schenkels         – 29min 23sec
  4. Neil Groeneveld         – 30min 12sec
  5. Zach Boulanger          – 30min 40sec
  6. Dean Roberts              – 30min 50sec
  7. Danielle Dumouchel – 34min 02sec – 1st place female
  8. Sarah Gilbert              – 34min 21sec
  9. Sheila Cameron         – 35min 02sec
  10. Bill Wood                    – 35min 24sec
  11. Nicole Barrieau         – 35min 31sec
  12. Laura Clarke              – 35min 40sec
  13. Beth Seaman              – 36min 35sec
  14. Amanda Lee               – 38min 50sec
  15. Jeffrey Munroe          – 40min 24sec
  16. Dan Dineen                 – 41min 43sec
  17. Matthew Kinnie         – 45min 04sec – Handcycle
  18. Laura Adams              – 50min 59sec
  19. James Gibson              – DNF

Results for Thursday 22 June 2017 – Thanks to everyone who came out to tonights 20k & 40k Time Trail on a warm & windy evening. Thanks to Daryl Steeves for the results attached and congrats to Troy Allaby for crushing the 40k course in 58min 43sec with Shelia Cameron clocking 1hr 14min 27sec to bring home the ladies event. Michael Roy won the 20k in 28min 27sec with Danielle Dumochel winning the ladies division in 32min 59sec. Thanks everyone for a fun evening..

This year VeloNB are revising their membership program which means that we have to revise the pricing for events. 2017 pricing for the TT’s will be $6.00 for VeloNB Members and $14.00 for non-Velo riders. You MUST bring along your licence or we will have to charge you the non-Velo price. VeloNB Membership is $30.00 for the year so if you join and take part in our TT series in 4 of our 7 TT’s this will cover the cost of membership and support VeloNB. VeloNB Event Insurance is expensive and they are clearly encouraging membership with a higher non-member Insurance price – link for VeloNB membership is here.


All events will start at 6.30pm and fees are still being finalized. please try to bring exact change. Registration will only be available on the evening of each event. Please contact me on for more information.

Bloomfield Time Trial Wednesday 17 May 2017 – 20k

A warm, overcast evening with a gentle breeze greeted riders for the 1st 20k TT of the season and 40 amazing riders took on the 20k course and times were fast right out of the blocks with Chandler Scott taking his first win on our course and Danielle Dumichelle bringing it home for the ladies. Regulars Troy Allaby and Gina Spear Burrows brought up second place with Michael Roy and Sheila Cameron in 3rd overall. Matthew Kinnie won the hand cycle division. All in all a great first night and congratulations to everyone who rode.

  1. Chandler Scott              – 27min 17sec
  2. Troy Allaby                   – 28min 42sec
  3. Michael Roy                  – 29min 40sec
  4. Steve Morris                 – 30min 07sec
  5. Dean Roberts                – 30min 29sec
  6. Aidan Schenkels          – 30min 33sec
  7. Rod Clare                       – 31min 00sec
  8. Glenn Trites                  – 31min 09sec
  9. Zach Boulanger            – 32min 13sec
  10. James Gibson                – 32min 18sec
  11. Ivan Goguen                 – 32min 29sec
  12. Jeff Currie                      – 32min 32sec
  13. Danielle Dumichelle    – 32min 40sec –  1st Lady
  14. Les Donohue                 – 32min 40sec
  15. Luke Tudor                    – 32min 45sec
  16. Gina Spear Burrows    – 32min 54sec – 2nd lady
  17. Bill Wood                       – 33min 49sec
  18. Sheila Cameron            – 35min 38sec – 3rd lady
  19. Paul Graham                 – 35min 39sec
  20. Laura Clarke                 – 36min 58sec
  21. Beth Seamans               – 37min 31sec
  22. Sarah Gilbert                – 37min 50sec
  23. Haley Adams                – 37min 56sec
  24. Iva Smrz                        – 38min 13sec
  25. Kevin Scott                    – 38min 15sec
  26. Martin Salkey               – 38min 23sec
  27. Amanda Lee                  – 39min 06sec
  28. Dave Young                   – 39min 07sec
  29. Doug Scott                     – 39min 33sec
  30. Heather Redding          – 39min 44sec
  31. Michael Boudreau       – 39min 48sec
  32. Jen Kenny                      – 40min 51sec
  33. Michelle Brenton         – 41min 01sec
  34. Nicky Scott                    – 41min 07sec
  35. Andrew Ellis                 – 41min 52sec
  36. Blaine Warmer             – 42min 09sec
  37. Alexya Helis                  – 45min 52sec
  38. Mathew Kinnie             – 45min 46sec
  39. Lee Robinson                – 47min 02sec
  40. Cori Moore McDade    – 53min03sec

With a reschedule due to poor weather night 4 of our monthly 20k TT series saw a new course record from Andrew Buzzell in an amazing 26min 10secs. Its only a matter of time with the right weather conditions that someone goes into the 25’s on this course. It was a warm and windy one last night and a strong field of 30 athletes turned up to ride with  Sheila Cameron bringing it home in first place for the ladies. Congrats also to Matt, our first competitor to ride the course on a Handcycle. Results are as follows:

  1. Andrew Buzzell           – 26min 10sec
  2. Michael Roy                – 28min 16sec
  3. Alex Cormier               – 28min 57sec
  4. Rod Clarke                   – 29min 00sec
  5. Chandler Scott            – 29min 29sec
  6. Shaughan Smith         – 29min 44sec
  7. Aiden Schenkels         – 30min 20sec
  8. Steve Morris                – 30min 40sec
  9. Paul Tremblay             – 30min 41sec
  10. Glen Trites                   – 31min 12sec
  11. Hannah MacNeil        – 32min 53sec – 15k course
  12. Calvin Gee                   – 32min 58sec
  13. James Gibson             – 33min 23sec
  14. Ivan Goguen               – 33min 23sec
  15. Bill Wood                    – 33min 40sec
  16. Zach Boulanger          – 34min 05sec
  17. Shelia Cameron          – 35min 33sec
  18. Shane Dickie               – 35min 37sec
  19. Iva Smirz                     – 37min 14sec
  20. Shelby Scott                – 37min 38sec – 15k course
  21. Laura Clarke               – 37min 43sec
  22. Maxime Aube             – 39min 34sec
  23. Kevin Scott                  – 39min 45sec
  24. Heather Redding        – 40min 43sec
  25. Nicky Scott                  – 41min 04sec
  26. Jeff Monroe                – 41min 04sec
  27. Jen Kenny                   – 42min 23sec
  28. Kayla Allaby                – 44min 31sec
  29. Matt                              – 49min 42sec – Handcycle
  30. Andrew Ellis               – DNF

It was a hot, sticky and breezy evening for our 3rd 2016 TT in Bloomfield and another tremendous turnout. Andrew Buzzell set a new course record closely followed by Cedric Boily 2 seconds later. Donna Trites made the trek down from Fredericton and won the ladies race in a swift 32min 27sec. Thanks to everyone who raced and the 4th TT is Wednesday 17 August.

  1. Andrew Buzzell             – 26min 13sec
  2. Cedric Boily                   – 26min 15sec
  3. Michael Roy                   – 28min 02sec
  4. Troy Allaby                    – 28min 56sec
  5. Chandler Scott              – 29min 10sec
  6. Rod Clarke                     – 29min 13sec
  7. Dean Roberts                – 29min 48sec
  8. Mike Turnbull              – 29min 59sec
  9. Donna Trites                 – 32min 27sec – 1st Female
  10. Ivan Goguen                  – 32min 28sec
  11. Bruno Richard               – 32min 54sec
  12. Luis Rubio                      – 33min 50sec
  13. James Gibson                – 33min 56sec
  14. Calvin Gee                      – 33min 56sec
  15. Zach Boulanger             – 33min 57sec
  16. Rob Long                        – 35min 22sec
  17. Keith Millar                   – 35min 56sec
  18. Shelia Cameron            – 36min 24sec
  19. Francis Quinn               – 37min 12sec
  20. Beth Seamans               – 37min 44sec
  21. Jereme                           – 37min 56sec
  22. Hayley Green                – 38min 07sec
  23. Melissande Lagelin     – 38min 09sec
  24. Sarah Gilbert                – 38min 19sec
  25. Laura Clarke                 – 38min 20sec
  26. Hayley Touchburn      – 38min 35sec
  27. Michelle Brenton        – 38min 46sec
  28. Sabine Jurgens            – 38min 47sec
  29. Elaine Boulanger         – 39min 32sec
  30. Shelby Scott                  – 39min 32sec – 15k
  31. Maxime Aube               – 40min 16sec
  32. Ariane Grant                 – 40min 31sec
  33. Doug Brenton               – 40min 49sec
  34. Nicky Scott                    – 41min 52sec
  35. Rajan Punna                 – 46min 52sec
  36. Brenda Raynes             – 48min 40sec
  37. Dan Dineen                   – 51min 32sec
  38. Glenn Millican             – DNF

Time Trial Number 2 in 2016 saw another record number of riders out to take on our 20k route on a dull, cool evening but the times were hot and fast with a few personal bests set on the course and a few new bikes out for their first races of the season. We do our best to make sure the results are accurate but let me know if I am a little off with your time. Thanks again to everyone who raced last night.

  1. Cedric Boily                  – 26min 39sec
  2. Andrew Buzzell            – 26min 42sec
  3. Michael Roy                  – 28min 37sec
  4. Troy Allaby                    – 28min 52sec
  5. Rod Clarke                     – 29min 02sec
  6. Alex Cormier                 – 29min 17sec
  7. Mike Turnbull              – 30min 01sec
  8. Chandler Scott             – 30min 26sec
  9. Mark Mosher                – 30min 56sec
  10. Aiden Schenkels          – 30min 58sec
  11. Glenn Trites                  – 31min 36sec
  12. Dean Roberts                – 31min 40sec
  13. Steve Morris                  – 31min 47sec
  14. Seamus Smith               – 32min 00sec
  15. Gina Spear-Burrows    – 32min 08sec – 1st Place Female
  16. Ivan Goguen                  – 33min 13sec
  17. Kevin McDonough       – 34min 13sec
  18. Bill Wood                       – 34min 23sec
  19. Danielle DuMichelle   – 35min 09sec
  20. Zach Boulanger            – 36min 09sec
  21. Sara Gilbert                   – 37min 15sec
  22. Lior Mayer                    – 37min 30sec
  23. Melisande Lagelin       – 37min 59sec
  24. Jereme Gervais            – 38min 04sec
  25. Iva Smrz                       – 38min 32sec
  26. Felipe Lampre              – 38min 57sec
  27. Ben Morris                    – 39min 16sec
  28. Hayley Green                – 39min 20sec
  29. Beth Seamans               – 39min 28sec
  30. Martin Salkey               – 40min 08sec
  31. Michelle Brenton         – 40min 23sec
  32. Ariane Grant                 – 40min 33sec
  33. Hayley Touchburn       – 40min 55sec
  34. Jen Kenny                      – 41min 23sec
  35. Elaine Boulanger          – 41min 34sec
  36. Nicky Scott                     – 42min 16sec
  37. Stephanie Lawrence     – 42min 19sec
  38. Amanda Lee                   – 42min 27sec
  39. Sophia Lampre              – 43min 42sec
  40. Marc Grendmaison      – 44min 46sec
  41. Alec Grendmaison       – 46min 14sec
  42. Alexya Helis                  – 46min 52sec
  43. Lee Robinson                – 48min 22sec
  44. Shand Gormley             – 49min 15sec

Fantastic evening for our first TT of 2016 and a great turnout of 33 riders including 3 Juniors with great times for the first TT of the season. Thanks for coming out to race and the results are below.

Wednesday 18 May

  • Ben Morris –              27min 12sec for 15k Junior Course
  • Zach Boulanger –      27min 47sec for 15k Junior Course
  • Sophia Lamprea        32min 44sec for 15k Junior Course
  1.  Andrew Buzzell –    26min 22sec
  2.  Troy Allaby –           28min 39sec
  3.  Mike Roy –               29min 25sec
  4.  Alex Cormier           29min 28sec
  5.  Aiden Schenkels     30min 59sec
  6.  Chandler Scott –     31min 12sec
  7.  Glenn Trites –          31min 14sec
  8.  Ivan Goguen            33min 26sec
  9.  Bill Wood                 33min 43sec
  10. Doug Barrett            33min 53sec
  11. John Parks               34min 16sec
  12. Danielle Dumauchel – 34min 33sec – 1st Female
  13. Luis Rubio –             35min 08sec
  14. Steve Morris –          35min 08sec
  15. Shane Dickie –         35min 09sec
  16. Rob Long –                35min 42sec
  17. Iva Smirz –                37min 14sec
  18. Dave Young –           37min 19sec
  19. Doug Scott –             38min 00sec
  20. Hayley Adams Green – 39min 46sec
  21.  Beth Seamans –      40min 02sec
  22. Heather Redding – 40min 26sec
  23. Kevin Scott –            40min 31sec
  24. Michelle Brenton – 40min 39sec
  25. Martin Salkey –        40min 57sec
  26. Nicky Scott –             42min 17sec
  27. Jen Kenny –               43min 25sec
  28. Lee Robinson –         47min 19sec
  29. Shand Gormley –      48min 08sec
  30. Alexya Heelis –          55min 13sec

Our final evening in our 5 race TT series saw a small but fast group on what was a perfect evening to race. A light breeze and warm temperatures made for fast times. I’d like to thank everyone who raced in the series this year and we will be back for 2016 with some new ideas.

  1. Andrew Buzzell –     26min 18sec
  2. Michael Roy –           30min 09sec
  3. Steve Morris –           31min 02sec
  4. Glenn Trites –            31min 14sec
  5. Garth Millar –            32min 40sec
  6. Ivan Goguen –           33min 01sec
  7. Doug Barrett –          35min 50sec
  8. Martin Salkey –         38min 04sec
  9. Beth Seaman –          38min 58sec
  10. Heather Redding –  39min 37sec

Night 4 on Thursday 13 August brought a stiff breeze and a hot, sticky night and more fast times. Andrew Buzzell unbelievably equaled his time of 26min 19sec from week 3 and still holds the course record. Ellen Watters had a strong ride to finish as first female in 31min 50sec just a little shy of Gina’s course best set in July. Thanks to everyone who showed up and make these Thursday night rides so much fun. Last TT is set for Thursday 10 September.

  1. Andrew Buzzell –   26min 19sec
  2. Troy Allaby –          29min 06sec
  3. Glenn Trites –        31min 40sec
  4. Ellen Watters –      31min 50sec
  5. Ivan Goguen –       33min 21sec
  6. Boon Kek –             33min 47sec
  7. Garth Millar –        34min 09sec
  8. Rob Long –             34min 38sec
  9. Colin Parewick –   36min 50sec
  10. Linda Williams –   38min 16sec
  11. Sabine Jurgens –   38min 40sec
  12. Heather Redding – 40min 15sec
  13. Jill Stanley –           40min 21sec
  14. Beth Seamans –     40min 30sec
  15. Haley Green –        41min 27sec
  16. Craig Arbeau –       44min 44sec
  17. Lee Robinson –      55min 43sec

Night 3 of our TT’s on Thursday July 16 saw a hot sunny evening and lighter winds than previous evenings and those light winds brought blistering fast times from everyone although Andrew Buzzell has set the bar very high with a 26min 19sec ride closely followed by Cedric Boily in 28min 15sec. Gina Spear-Burrows broke her own course record with a 31min 29sec ride, followed by Sue Watson in 34min 25sec. With 28 riders this was our best supported TT so far so a big thank you to everyone who raced.

1) Andrew Buzzell – 26min 19sec
2) Cedric Boily – 28min 15sec
3) Troy Allaby – 28min 33sec
4) Chris Watson – 29min 53sec
5) Earle Burrows – 30min 26sec
6) Steve Morris – 30min 43sec
7) Glenn Trites – 31min 22sec
8) Gina Spear-Burrows – 31min 29sec
9) Ivan Goguen – 33min 56sec
10) Sue Watson – 34min 25sec
11) Kris Fuller – 34min 36sec
12) Rob Long – 34min 41sec
13) Luis Rubio – 34min 56sec
14) Shane Dickie – 35min 15sec
15) Doug Barrett – 35min 25sec
16) Bill Wood – 36min 22sec
17) John Parks – 36min 30sec
18) Mark Clinton – 37min 49sec
19) Sabine Jurgens – 38min 33sec
20) Iva Smrz – 39min 01sec
21) Heather Redding – 39min 36sec
22) Bob McAlesse – 40min 44sec
23) Beth Seamans – 40min 46sec
24) Shelia Long – 41min 14sec
25) Michelle Brenton – 41min 41sec
26) Hayley Green – 42min 47sec
27) Jen Kenny – 43min 50sec
28) Lee Robinson – 53min 53sec

Night 2 of our Time Trials saw a lovely warm evening and a great group of 16 riders who took on our 20k TT course. Interesting to see the big improvements in time with everyone who has taken part in both TT’s.Thanks to everyone who rode and see you next time on Thursday 16 July.

1) Rod Clarke – 29min 36sec
2) Glenn Trites – 31min 33sec
3) Steve Morris – 31min 39sec
4) Gina Spear Burrows – 32min 00sec
5) Boon Kek – 34min 05sec
6) Ivan Goguen – 34min 33sec
7) Luis Rubio – 34min 36sec
8) Steve Hanlon – 36min 06sec
9) Sue Watson – 36min 22sec
10) Shane Dickie – 36min 32sec
11) Rob Long – 36min 44sec
12) Beth Seamans – 42min 37sec
13) Danielle Burkett – 43min 02sec
14) Haley Green – 45min 18sec
15) Shand Gormley – 49min 36sec
16) Lee Robinson – 58min 14sec

Here are the results for our first 20k Time Trial on Thursday 21 May. Thanks to everyone who signed up to race on a bright but very windy evening. Very impressive times considering the conditions. This was a big learning curve for us and we will make some changes ready for the next TT in June. Times are as accurate as we can make them but if you think there is a discrepancy please let me know and we will re-calculate. Thanks again. By the way Troy set the standard for the upcoming TT’s over the summer with a fantastic 41.5kmph average and Shelia Burns was the fastest female.

1) Troy Allaby – 28min 47sec
2) Andrew Buzzell – 29min 17sec
3) Earle Burrows – 31min 40sec
4) Kyle Boyle – 34min 08sec
5) Ivan Goguen – 35min 26sec
6) Boon Kek – 36min 13sec
7) Bill Wood- 36min 50sec
8) John Parks – 37min 07sec
9) Shane Dickie – 37min 13sec
10) Rob Long – 38min 25sec
11) Sheila Long – 44min 33sec
12) Jennifer Kenny – 45min 15sec
13) Haley Green – 45min 25sec
14) Danielle Burkett- 45min 42sec
15) Elizabeth Seamans 46min 54sec
16) Sofia Lampsei – 47min 01sec
17) Christine McKinnon – 47min 27sec
18) Danielle Dunouchel 29min 08sec – 15k Female Junior