Foshay International

Foshay Cross Country Running Race and Mountain Bike Race

Run Course Drone Footage – click on the link for a very unique perspective of our run course featuring the water section and the run down to the finish lineRun Course Video

Bike Race Start – and not to be outdone here is our very unique Le Mans style start to the bike raceBike Course Video


XCountry Run Race – Results

Cyclocross/MTB RaceResults


I haven’t been this excited about a new race venue since Challenge St Andrews. Its rare that you arrive at a potential venue and just go “Wow’, a huge blank canvass right in front of you almost as far as the eye can see and all framed on the right hand side by the St John River, the Gagetown Ferry and just a few Km’s away the gorgeous Village of Gagetown.



The venue is home to the Foshay International Equestrian Event, a world class destination event in Upper Jemseg and we must thank Rob Stevenson and Erica Morrison for their vision and assistance in bringing this event to NB and for asking us to be a small part of it.

Its almost overwhelming, where to start, what races can we do, how will it look when all the tall grass is cut and converted to hay? Only one thing to do, take a long walk over the property with Erica, Rob, Daryl, Ellen and Mike and things start to open up. We see a beach section, a water feature, Rob mentions “coffins” so we hoof our way through the waist high grass to these 2 equestrian obstacles that the horses jump over.



Two splendid trees lie side by side in the middle of the field creating their own unique feature and offering many possibilities for race day.



How about a little water feature, I’m sure we can get some ankle deep water in there for race day.



In addition to all this there is the field itself, its just spectacular, the photos do not do it justice. So what are we going to do?

Well, for year 1 we see a Cyclocross Race on a larger than normal route to ease any issues with physical distancing and a Cross Country running race taking in some of the features above. Our goal with this event is to create 2 races that will be fun, fast and open to riders and runners of every ability level. This event will be all about having fun, riding and enjoying the venue.

And for the future , who knows, maybe an off road Triathlon / Duathlon or an expanded Cyclocross & Cross Country running race – it really is a blank canvass.

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